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WG011819 Bose speaker case - gray tweed

GetGear provides the most variety and the best value in protective carrying cases. We have cases for every lifestyle, every profession. We empower creatives, athletes, adventurers, and tech enthusiasts to easily and safely take their gadgets wherever they go.


We offer cases in six categories: photography, headphones, audio/video, laptops, health, and meters/instruments. The cases are shaped and color-matched, to suit the style and function of the device. We offer specialized cases that are fireproof, temperature-resistant, or odor-proof.


The primary type of case material we use is semi-hardshell. Semi-hardshell cases provide impact-resistance and water-resistance. Our other main product type is silicone. We offer silicone sleeves and bumpers that wrap around electronic devices, adding a layer of shock-absorbing protection.

We design all our cases for easy portability. They are compact and lightweight, with wrist straps, carabiners, shoulder straps, etc. Our cases come with compartments for storing accessories, so that, for instance, an electronic device will have its charger stored along with it. Some cases store a multitude of devices—super handy for organized storage and transportation.


No matter what their lifestyle, our customers experience the best storage and portability for their specialized devices.

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