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GetGear provides the most variety and the best value in protective cases. We design for every lifestyle, every profession, with a particular focus on active and passionate pursuits. We empower creatives, athletes, adventurers, and tech enthusiasts to easily and safely take their gadgets with them. Our numbers reflect our quality—over 3 million sold since 2015. With seven-day-a week, 24-hour-a-day operations, we bring products from development to market at speeds that outdo the competition, sometimes launching with a single week.

We operate under two categories: 1) Ready-made: we develop cases for top-selling devices, coordinating our launch with the release of those devices, and 2) ODM: we design to customer specification, rebranding with your logo.

Ready-made cases have six categories: photography, headphones, audio/video, laptops, health, and meters/instruments. If we haven’t already designed what you need, then tell us—your demand is our creation. We’ll come up with the exact combination of materials, closure type, handle, pockets, and more, to suit your device, and we’ll include your logo on request. We’ll show you a sample first, and adjust as needed, ensuring your satisfaction. You have the option to market and to sell the case under your company name.


Our semi-hard cases are shock-proof and water-resistant. They come with compartments to consolidate accessories and devices, and they have options for easy portability. We offer specialized cases that are fireproof, temperature resistant, or odor proof. We also have shock-resistant silicone sleeves and bumpers. Our cases and sleeves are shaped and color-matched, to suit the style and function of the device.


Let us do for you what we do best: design a case to fit any lifestyle.