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  • Protective case for Microsoft Surface accessories
  • Case can hold all of the following: mouse, power adapter, power cord, USB cables, stylus, wall adapter, wireless charging dock
  • Includes a removable velcro mesh pouch for Surface mouse and other brands of similar size
  • Includes two adjustable velcro straps, to secure devices in interior of case
  • Built-in loop for holding stylus
  • Product includes case only—devices not included
  • Made with shock-resistant and water-resistant materials
  • Case has three layers: 1) outer layer of water-resistant, glossy PU 2) middle layer of tough, water-resistant EVA 3) inner layer of soft plush
  • Compact and lightweight—easily fits in backpack, briefcase, carry-on, etc.
  • Easy and safe way to store and transport your laptop accessories
  • Stylish and attractive case, with three colors to choose from

All-in-One Case for Microsoft Surface Accessories (rose gold)

SKU: WG012178
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