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  • Compatible with AKG K271 K271MK2 K272 K272HD 272 MKII K240 MKII K550 K240 K240S K242 AKG K240 MKIIs K242 K242HD K121S K141MK2 K142HD K141 K44 K55 K66 K77 K99 K540 K511 K512 K512MKII K514 K514MK2
  • Sennheiser HD700 HD650 HD600 HD515 HD518 HD555 HD558 HD580 HD595 HD598 hd418 HD428 HD438 HD448 HD439 HD449 HD215 HD485 HD465 HD435 HD425 HD430 HD250 HD540 HD560 HD380 PC350 HMEC250
  • Sony MDR-XB200 XB400 XB500 XB600 XB700 ZX700 MDR-7506 V6 V700 Z700 V500 V600 XD900 MDR-7509HD MDR-V900HD; Audio Technica ATH-M30 M40 M50, W3000ANV, W5000
  • Audio Technica ATH-M30 M40 M50, W3000ANV, W5000; TECHNICS RP-DH1200; Beats by dr.dre Studio
  • Steel series Siberia V1 V2 Gaming Headset; Beyerdynamic T1, DT660, DT770, DT990, DT880; Denon AH-D7000, AH-D5000 and many other large headphones

Headphone Case for Sennheiser HD598

SKU: 63031650
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