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  • Protective carrying case for Ledger Nano S & Nano X, or other cryptocurrency wallets for bitcoin, ethereum, ERC20, etc.
  • This product is CASE ONLY - crypto wallet not included
  • Compact, lightweight design easily fits in pocket, purse, briefcase, etc.
  • Includes carabiner - clip case to belt loop, purse, etc. to keep handy
  • Built with shock-resistant and water-resistant materials
  • Case has three layers: 1) an outer layer of elegant ballistic texture, 2) middle layer of tough, shock-resistant, water-resistant EVA, and 3) an inner layer of soft velvet
  • Mesh pocket to keep crypto wallet in place
  • Elastic strap to hold accessory, such as charger cable
  • Ideal way to keep crypto device and accessories organized and always together
  • Great for storing crypto wallet at home, as well as for travel

Protective Case for Ledger Nano S & Nano X Bitcoin/Crypto Wallet (gray tweed)

SKU: WG012230
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